Magic Show Opens In Berlin

          A world of excitement awaits at Madhrikan's Theater of Magic, Amish Country's latest must-see attraction.  Located on Main Street in downtown Berlin, this brand-new magic show is already the talk of the town.

       Madhrikan the magician has put together an incredible array of tricks, illusions and effects sure to confound all visitors.  He moves with great versatility from large beautiful full-stage productions to close-up Magic using audience volunteers in front of the curtain, constantly amazing and amusing everyone present.  The wide range of tricks from simple ball and rope routines to huge heart-pounding thrillers demonstrates his virtuosity as a true "magician extraordinaire."

          The performance will make you laugh, surprise and thrill you and leave you feeling that you have been thoroughly entertained.

          Plan a trip to Amish Country, buy your tickets ahead of time online at, by phone at 330-893-3752 or in the store in Berlin, and prepare to be amazed!  

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21 Jul 2017