Guggisberg Cheese

Guggisberg Cheese, famous for being home of the Original Baby Swiss, is nestled among the lush, green pastures of Ohio’s Amish Country.  Deeply rooted in authentic Swiss culture, tradition, and experience, the award-winning cheese produced here is unlike any other.  Founded by Swiss immigrants Alfred and Margaret Guggisberg, Guggisberg Cheese prides itself on superior standards of quality, which is represented by recent international and national awards.

Alfred and Margaret Guggisberg, Guggisberg Cheese

After perfecting the Premium Swiss recipe, Alfred was determined to create a cheese that would be more favorable to the less-developed American palate.  His goal was to provide customers with a creamier, milder version of Swiss to be enjoyed by young and old alike.  After much experimentation, Alfred developed the perfect recipe, and created a wheel which Margaret named “Baby Swiss” after noting its differences while next to a traditional Emmental wheel.  The Baby Swiss wheel was smaller, had smaller holes (eyes), and was aged for a lesser amount of time to ensure a milder flavor.  Through the years, many have tried to duplicate, but none have been successful in replicating our Original Baby Swiss.

Now under their son, Richard Guggisberg’s operation, the company has grown into one of the largest manufacturers of Swiss Cheese in the United States, and one of the largest manufacturers of any sort in all of Ohio.  Under Richard’s leadership, Guggisberg’s Premium Swiss recipe has been further perfected, though its unique blend of mild, slightly nutty flavors have been the Guggisberg tradition from the very beginning.  It has received a number of accolades, including obtaining United States Grand Champion in 20165-2016.  The Premium Swiss is currently the reigning United States Swiss Champion and World Swiss Champion, and, judged as the number one cheese in America, it is simply the best of the best.

Richard Guggisberg's Family Operation

In addition to Premium Swiss and Baby Swiss, Guggisberg’s two factories produce a wide variety of cheeses, including Amish Butter Cheese, Emmental, Lacerne, and Farmer’s Cheese.  You can watch the cheese being made and then purchase the end product right there in their Doughty Valley retail store, or, you can purchase online at .  You can also enjoy the cheeses in many of the authentic entrees made across the street at Guggisberg’s Chalet in the Valley Restaurant, where a traditional European experience awaits you.  Visit Guggisberg Cheese in the heart of Ohio’s Amish Country for the history, culture, service, and delicious cheese you deserve!

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19 Mar 2018