Dover-City of Unique Museums

Dover-City of Unique Museums


Travelers have two choices when they take I-77, exit 83 halfway between Cleveland and Marietta, Ohio. Choice one is to head west on Ohio Route 39 and explore Ohio’s Amish Country with all of its cultural experiences, shopping and dining. Choice two is to travel east in to the heart of Dover, a city filled with charming shops, historic attractions and some of the most unique museums in the world!


Several of Dover’s museums house priceless and unique collections like no others in the world. The Warther Museum is home to the hand-carved artistry of the ‘World’s Master Carver,’ a name bestowed on Mooney Warther by the master carvers of Oberammergau, Germany, based on his hand-carved history of the steam engine. These breath-taking ivory, ebony and walnut scale models of railroad history are truly one-of-a-kind. A family collection of antique buttons, the original family home and workshop, raised Swiss-style gardens and the Warther Cutlery Knife Shop complete the experience.  Another museum collection unique to Dover is on display at Famous Endings, a funeral memorabilia museum made up of the personal collection of prayer cards, programs, photos and keepsakes from the funerals of celebrities, historic figures, sports heroes and performers. Favorites from the museum include the hand-written invitation list Joe DiMaggio made for Marilyn Monroe’s service, a lei from Don Ho’s funeral in Hawaii and the personal stories of John Herzig, the collection’s owner.


In downtown Dover two museums house personal collections that celebrate America’s home and pop culture. The Auman Museum teaches visitors the story of home entertainment and includes radios and televisions dating from the first models. Board games, toys and other collectible items enhance the story of television. The gem of the collection is a radio booth belonging to Alan Freed who coined the phrase ‘Rock N Roll’. A few blocks away is John’s Sweeper Service, a workshop for repairing vacuum cleaners and a display of John’s personal collection of antique sweepers.


The JE Reeves Victorian Home & Carriage House Museum offers a glimpse into the daily life of a wealthy family at the turn of the last century. In addition to celebrating the history of Dover and the steel industry through original family belongings and decorations, the museum is a gorgeous wedding and event venue. Dover’s vibrant downtown is home to local restaurants, a candy shop, old-fashioned toy store, several florists and a gorgeous wedding shop. A developing riverfront, modern winery and pubs complete a trip to Dover.


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19 Mar 2018

By Tiffany Gerber